The Algarve is famous for its beautiful beaches and has the best climate of mainland Europe. The summer heat of the Mediterranean climate is tempered by the ocean and the influence of the ocean also makes the winter less cold  than in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of this location near the ocean, the Algarve has the most hours of sunshine per year (>3000), which is about twice as much as in the UK. 

In the graph you see a comparison with other cities in the world with a Mediterranean sea climate. As you can see Faro is the sunniest.


Hours of sunshine per year


The villages and towns in the Algarve are almost all worth visiting.

Less well known is that its nature has such great variety, with beautiful coastlines, unique mountains, many wild plants and rare birds. In essence, the Algarve is amazingly green all year round, since only the layer of smaller plants becomes dry and yellow in summer beneath the evergreen trees.

The opportunities for sport, excursions and attending cultural events are enormous. The golf courses are world famous and many international tournaments take place here.

During the tourist season, but also beyond, there are many festivities, so throughout the year everyone will find something nice to go to or take part in.